Joy KitaMiddle Grade Book Author

Mitch thought being stuck in the video game Fable Nation was tough on level one.  Advancing to the Wilds of Africa on level two is a crazy ride of dangerous quests and unbelievable characters.  His adventure takes him from the African Savanna to an elephant kingdom where beast and human collide.  He must find the elephant king’s wits, defeat a village-eating monster, and stop the volcano from erupting and destroying everything in its path.

 Mitch will have to overcome a tragic loss to stop the menacing virus mutating the game and its characters.  Teamed with his trusty companions as well as some new ones, he must once again channel his inner hero in order to save his friends, level up and ultimately find his way home.  Log in and join the mission, where reality and gaming collide.

Log in and join the mission!

Fable Nation 2 The Wilds of Africa

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