1. "Hi Joy I just finished your first installment of Fabled Nation! You had me in Chapter One at the "want to get fries under the bridge?". I loved the concept...a mix of Indiana Jones and Tron that gives an boundless opportunity for twists in the storyline. Hints of how Furinna and The Professor manifest themselves between the real and Fabled Nation world gives the reader fodder to imagine where the storyline will take the characters as they move on to the next level of the game. Your target audience (youth-young adult) will find it an enjoyable read without feeling that it isn't moving fast enough for them. But even though I am "a few" years past young adult, it was still a very enjoyable, even riveting, story and I very much look forward to see how the future unfolds for Mitch and his band of adventurers."

​​The world of Fable Nation​

"the book mixed my 2 favourite genres; fantasy and adventure which kept me turning the pages.there were a couple twists I wasn't expecting which got me more and more excited. Once your halfway through the book you can't put it down😎"

Survive From the Inside


Thoughts from the Students in GRAND BEND ONTARIO

FUN: fast pace
-Can't wait for the next book.
-Had fun playing the new game. (Even when I couldn't think fast enough!)
-Love her head pieces that went with the book.
-Very Creative with her games.
-Was so much fun, it was a blast
-Gr. 4 to Gr. 8 (135+) children were mesmerized.

"Joy's workshops are full of excitement, creativity, and energy.  With her wit and imagination she has even the most reluctant writers jumping out of their seats to share their ideas.  A visit from her will have parents and children, teachers and students, writers and non-writers leaving inspired to create the next best seller."

"Hey there from our conversation today with me telling you how much my boys hate reading i just thought i would write and let.you know that we are four chapters in already on fable nation and i have used their.interest to my advantage and doing a book study on it "

"My students have just read the first chapter and are literally begging to give them more time to read chapter two. You have created something special here."

Getting sucked into the latest and greatest video game, FABLE NATION, isn't the worst of Mitch's problems. Realizing there's no way out until he beats all the levels might be. 
Battling Montezuma in a Mexican jungle isn't hard when you're doing it from your bedroom, but inside the game is a different story.
Mitch better think fast as he teams up a new side-kick and killer pet. They'll have to work together to defeat headless spirits, ginormous spiders, and even creepy viruses that may also be trying to escape the game.
Log in and join their mission, where reality and gaming collide. 

Joy KitaMiddle Grade Book Author